NewsIndiaTimes – that’s all you need to know By StaffWriter I ndian-American Republican Jitendra Diganvker has announced that he will run for his party's primaries for the U.S. U.S. House of Representatives from District 8 in Illinois. If he wins the primary, he will run up against incumbent Indian American Democratic Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi who was elected last year as the only Indian-American from Illinois in the lower house. According to the PTI, Diganvker, a business owner and community worker, said that he is running for Congress to give a voice to the hard-working middle-class Americans that are too often ignored by career politicians in Washington D.C. "I am not a politician. While most politicians pass laws yet never feel the effects of their actions, I come from real America. I have felt these struggles and know first-hand the conse- quences ofWashington's action, and inac- tion, on issues important to middle-class families. I will be the voice of everyday Americans inWashington," he said in a media release. “Immigrating to our great country, my family and I have experienced many highs and lows. My family came to America to achieve the American dream--to succeed or fail by our hard work and commitment. Today, career politicians have left behind hard-working middle-class Americans. I will be a voice for those very people who have been left behind, because my family is one of them," Diganvker told PTI. Diganvker suffered a major tragedy in 1999, when he lost his two daughters in a tragic house fire. He claimed that this inci- dent allowed him to see first-hand, how burdensome government regulations and rising health care costs could discourage the entrepreneurial spirit. The U.S. House of Representative cur- rently has four Indian Americans, all of them Democrats: Ami Bera and Ro Khanna from California, Krishnamoorthi, and Pramila Jayapal fromWashington State. All of them will be seeking re-election next year. By StaffWriter ore than 750 people came to enjoy a fundraising concert headlined by popular singing duo Samir Date and Dipalee Somaiya, Nov. 11, at the Yellow Box auditorium in Naperville, Illinois. The event was organized by the Chicago team of the well-known non-profit, Akshaya Patra. Organizers had solicited donations before the event. The four levels of spon- sorships -- Platinum ( $10,000 donation), Gold ($5000 donation), Silver ($2500 donation) and Bronze ($1000 donation) were offered. “We’re gratified with the level of pre- event commitment. We had five Platinum sponsors, one Gold sponsor, seven Silver sponsors and 38 Bronze sponsors for a total commitment of $111,000. We are very grateful to many long time supporters, and are excited to have many new sup- porters," Himanshu Patel, one of the lead organizers, is quoted saying in a press release. In addition, a pledge drive during the program raised an additional $24000, the press release said. "What was most satisfying was that so many people pledged additional support during (the) drive. It shows that people in our community, no matter what their income level, support a good cause when they are informed about it. Their generosi- ty is indeed touching,” said Dipak Kapadia, also one of the main organizers. B.V. Jagdeesh, member of the Board of Directors for Akshaya Patra USA, delivered the keynote speech. "We, who are success- ful have collective responsibility to help disadvantaged children in India stay in school. And, one very effective way to do this is to support Akshaya Patra. By pro- viding mid day meals in government schools, Akshaya Patra keeps more chil- dren in school and improves their learning ability,” Jagdeesh said. Vandana Tilak, another Akshaya Patra board member, and Emily Rosenbaum, CEO of the organi- zation's US branch, were also present at the event. Previous events that have helped raise funds in the Chicagoland area include a Gujarati play which raised $70,000. Now, the Nov. 11, Bollywood music concert had doubled the amount, organizers said. Chicago team announced it would contin- ue both models of fundraising - benefit galas that focus on high net worth individ- uals, and concerts that reach a broad cross-section of the community. Akshaya Patra, which holds similar fundraisers around the country, describes itself as one of the world’s largest NGOs that provides midday meals to 1.6 million children 232 days a year in government schools in India. It partners with central and state governments in Idnia to make this happen. Akshaya Patra operates 31 centralized kitchens in 12 states. Three of the largest states are Karnataka( 486,000 children), Gujarat (395,000 children), and Uttar Pradesh (212,000 children). Other states are: Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Chattisgarh, Odisha, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telengana and Tripura, according to the press release. Chicago TeamOf Non-profit Akshaya Patra Raises $175,000 M Jitendra Diganvker Declares Run For The Republican Primaries For The U.S. Congress Jitendra Diganvker Akshaya Patra Chicago Chapter team, sponsors and invited guest with Samir and Dipalee Bollywood singer. Akshaya Patra Chicago chapter team members (From left to right) Nitin Bhatt, Mahendra Patel, Himanshu Patel, Dipak Kapadia, Emily Rosenbaum (CEO of Akshay Patra USA), Ankita Narula (Director of Development for Akshaya Patra USA), Saroj Patel. Akshaya Patra Chicago team's Saroj Patel & Ila Shah presenting Award to Bollywood Singer Samir Date and Dipalee Somaiyn for their excellent performance to singing a movie old and new songs. Himanshu Patel team leader of Akshaya Patra. Community 11 News India Times November 24, 2017