NewsIndiaTimes – that’s all you need to know News India Times November 24, 2017 12 Community By StaffWriter -NEWYORK T he Society of Indo-American Engineers, Architects and Contractors Affiliation (SIAEACA) celebrated its annual holiday gala at the Terrace on the Park in Flushing, Queens. The event was organized by its advisory team which included Mihir Patel, principal of Monpat Construction and Nayan Parikh, principal of Ashnu International, along with several of their board members, who represent a diverse group of engineers, architects and con- tractors from the Tri-State area. The theme of the event was primari- ly inclusion, and to welcome a diverse group of partners, and advisors engaged in the business of con- struction industry and creating an open platform for relationship building, new networking opportunities and recognition of the hard work put in by the profession- als in the business of developing the future of the area. The event was attended by over 400 peo- ple, and among the attendees were several prominent engineering and architectural firms, along with some of the premier con- tractor firms, and construction manage- ment companies, who participated enthu- siastically to showcase their support for the organization. The primary address was given by James Bakleh, P.E., Director Planning, Schedule and Design, MTA, NewYork City Transit, MTA Bus Company. In his address, Bakleh shared the upcom- ing projects in NewYork City, some of the challenges and certainly the opportunities that are available for companies within the construction industry. Jack Buchsbaum, PE, Deputy Chief Engineer at PA NY/NJ also attended this event, underscoring the importance that this organization has in the construction industry. SIAEACA’s, adviso- ry board member Nayan Parikh had opened the event with his comments thanking the spon- sors, which was followed up by Mihir Patel, and then by Ketan Shah, Principal of Intercontinental Construction Contracting. A moment of silence was observed for Bansi Shah, principal of KG Industries and a dear friend of the community, who had passed away recently. Additionally, there was plenty of entertain- ment by a prominent dance group, and guests were engaged in a very strong net- working and family fun-filled night. In keeping with the sustainability theme, SIAEACA did not publish a traditional sou- venir but created an all-digital brochure, recognizing all the sponsors and the event supporters. James Bakleh Gives Keynote Speech At SIAEACA Gala By StaffWriter he Richardson Police Department in Texas has arrested and charged Sini Mathews with “Abandoning or Endangering a Child” a charge that amounts to a State Jail Felony. Sini Mathews is the mother of Sherin Mathews whose body was found in a ditch near the parents’ home Oct. 6. Sini andWesley Mathews adopted Sherin from India. They also have a biological child. According to an announcement posted Nov. 16, on Facebook, the Richardson Police Department said investigating detectives have determined Sini Mathews left 3 year old Sherin Mathews alone while she andWesley Mathews went to dinner with their biological daughter, the night of Friday, October 6th. Sini Mathews’ bond has been set at $250,000. The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office is continuing to work on determining the cause of death. Those results will be made available when complete, police said. The arrest affidavit for Sini Mathews which is available on the police department details the events that transpired. The parents went to a restau- rant with their biological child on that fateful evening for dinner, leaving Sherin, a special-needs three-year old, alone at home, which put the little child in “imminent danger of death” according to the police. Evidence gath- ered from Mathews’ phone calls, and from receipts showing the food ordered, plus the testimony of a waiter at the restaurant, led the police to believe only one child was with the couple at the restaurant. Meanwhile, Wesley Mathews, who is charged with felony child endangerment and faces a life sentence, contin- ues to refuse any legal representation while in custody, according to a Facebook update by the police Nov. 8. While Sherin was still missing, Wesley Mathews claimed he had put Sherin outside the house in the dead of night to punish her for refusing to drink milk. He is on a $1 million bail. Now Sini Mathews is also behind bars. From left to right: SIAEACA members Sudhir Sachdev, Prakash Shah, Prakash Kapadia, Ketan Shah, Nayan Parikh, Jack Buchbaum, Mihir B.Patel, Vikrant Sampat, Mitul Patel, Amil Patel, Nimesh Shah. Guests and attendees at the gala. Guests and attendees at the gala. Sini Mathews, arrested and charged by the Richardson Police Department in Texas, with Abandoning or Endangering a Child (TPC 22.041), a State Jail Felony. in the case of the tragic death of 3-year old Sherin Mathews, a special needs child adopted from India. T Police Arrest Mother Of Indian Foster Child Found Dead In Texas By StaffWriter -NEW YORK A s NewYork’s legislators prepare for another legislative session, a broad-based coalition of NewYork advocates, faith based groups, parents and students rallied in support of legislation to provide halal and kosher meals in NewYork City public schools upon request as well as in support of efforts to extend the Universal Free Lunch for All program for all students in all NewYork City schools. Assembly legislation sponsored by Assemblyman David I. Weprin (A7231) requires NewYork City public schools to provide students who have religious dietary restrictions with appropriate meal options upon request of the student. "If kosher and halal meals are already provided in prisons, they absolutely should be provided in our schools" said Assemblyman DavidWeprin. "Our state is one of incredible religious and ethnic diversity, and it is our duty to provide for all of those living in NewYork. The stu- dents of our state should not have to choose between a nutritious meal and their religion.” Mazeda A.Uddin, Founder of the South Asian Fund for Education, Scholarship and Training (SAFEST), said: “The urgency of passing halal & kosher food is dire and must not be taken lightly. The livelihoods of thousands of NewYork City public school stu- dents’ futures depend on it. Many students, due to their faiths, can- not eat all foods and need a specific requirement for eating foods. They should not have to apologize for that. This is a country of free- dom to practice your religion freely & we must never forget that. So, let’s begin to make change for all of humanity starting today with this bill. This is for all of us.” Rally Demands Halal, Kosher Meals In NYC Public Schools Richardson Police Department