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By Bhargavi Kulkarni
welve Indian-
Americans are among
the recipients of the
2015 Goldwater
Scholarships, awarded
annually to undergraduate soph-
omores and juniors. The one and
two year scholarships will cover
the cost of tuition, fees, books,
and room and board up to a
maximum of $7,500 per year.
Indian-American scholars
include Saket Agrawal of
California, Karishma Sriram of
Georgia, Dhruv Dixit and
Kaustav A. Gopinathan of
Massachusetts, Naveen Jain of
Minnesota, Varun Anand and
Aditya D. Parikh of
New Jersey, Shoshana
Das of NewYork, Anjli
M Patel of
Pennsylvania, Vishnu
V. Dantu and Ritish
Patnaik of Texas and
Sohil R. Shah of
This year’s scholars
were selected on the basis of
academic merit from a field of
1,206 mathematics, science, and
engineering students who were
nominated by the faculties of
colleges and universities nation-
wide. One hundred forty-five of
the scholars are men, 115 are
women, and virtually all intend
to obtain a Ph.D. as their
degree objective. Thirty-
four scholars are mathe-
matics majors, 154 are
science and related
majors, 68 are majoring
in engineering, and 4 are
computer science
majors. Many of the
scholars have dual
majors in a variety of mathemat-
ics, science, engineering, and
computer disciplines.
Agrawal, who is studying
chemistry at the California
Institute of Technology in
Pasadena, wants to conduct
research in organometallic
chemistry and teach at the uni-
versity level. Sriram, who is
majoring in biochemistry and
molecular biology at the
University of Georgia in Athens,
wants to pursue her Ph.D and
MD. She wants to conduct
research in biomedical science
and teach in a medical school
affiliated with a research institu-
tion. Dixit is a physics and math-
ematics major at SUNY
University at Stony Brook. He
wants to pursue his Ph.D. in
nuclear physics and conduct
research in physics of funda-
mental particles and teach at a
university level. MIT student
Gopinathan, who is studying
electrical engineering and elec-
trical science, wants to pursue a
M.D./Ph.D. in biomedical engi-
neering. He wants to conduct
both basic and translational
research to develop affordable
therapies and diagnostic meth-
ods, as well as teach at the uni-
versity level. Jain, of the
University in St.
Louis, Missouri, is a
molecular biology
and biochemistry
major. He wants to
complete his
M.D./Ph.D. in molec-
ular biology and bio-
chemistry and later
conduct biomedical
research focused on
cancer as a physi-
cian-scientist and
professor at an aca-
demic research insti-
tution. Arvind, a bio-
medical engineering
major at New Jersey’s
Rutgers University, is
aiming to pursue his
M.D./Ph.D in tissue
engineering. He
wants to perform
research in the
design of biomateri-
als and study of stem
cell differentiation for
tissue regeneration
therapies, and teach
at the university level.
Parikh, also of
Rutgers, is a physics
and astrophysics
major. He wants to
pursue a Ph.D. in the-
oretical particle
physics and conduct
research in particle
astrophysics and
teach at the university level.
Das, who is studying biologi-
cal engineering at Cornell
University in Ithaca, NewYork, is
aiming for a Ph.D. in biomedical
or chemical engineering. She
wants to conduct medically
applicable research in a
bimolecular engineering
field. Patel, a chemical
engineering major at
Philadelphia’s Drexel
University , is aiming for
Ph.D. in Semiconductor
Materials for solar energy
applications and ulti-
mately build a career
developing innovative
photovoltaic cells as a
materials researcher in
the solar industry. Dantu,
of the University of North
Texas in Denton, is a
physics major. Aiming
for a Ph.D. in biophysics,
he wants to conduct
research in the subject
and teach at the universi-
ty level.
Patnaik, a biomedical
engineering student at
Columbia University in
NewYork, is aiming for a
Ph.D. in biomedical engi-
neering and conduct
research in diagnostic
and therapeutic devices
for low-resource settings
and teach at the universi-
ty level. Shah is a chem-
istry, mathematics and
economics major at the
University ofWisconsin-
Madison. Aiming for a
Ph.D in chemistry, Shah
wants to conduct
research in materials
chemistry and teach at the uni-
versity level.
Since its first award in 1989,
the foundation has bestowed
7,428 scholarships worth
approximately $48 million.
12 Indian Students Among Goldwater Scholarship Recipients
By a StaffWriter
he NRI Federation will
honor five Indian-
Americans including News
India Times publisher and
Padma Shri awardee Dr. Sudhir
M. Parikh, for their contributions
to the community, at its gala
launch April 17 at the Hindu
Temple Auditorium in Flushing,
NewYork. Dr. Parikh will be rec-
ognized for his services to the
community as a publisher, phi-
lanthropist, India advocate and a
The nonprofit will also honor
Dnyaneshwar Mulay, consul
general of India in NewYork, for
his continued services to the
Indo-American community for
consulate matters since April
The federation, founded by
Deepak and Surbhi Kavadia,
strives to represent all overseas
Indians living across the globe
and aims to create a united, safe
and secure world. It aims to
unite overseas Indians for the
safety, security and prosperity of
the community and to amalga-
mate all global organizations of
Indian origin under the umbrella
of the NRI Federation family.
Gulab Chand Kataria, Home
Minister, Government of
Rajasthan will be the chief guest
for the evening. Others honored
at the April 17 launch include Dr.
Ajay K. Lodha, vice president of
the American Association of
Physicians of Indian Origin
(AAPI), for his dedicated leader-
ship and contribution via several
organizations like AAPI and
RANA and for his generous serv-
ices as an internist; H.R. Shah,
chairman and CEO of TV Asia;
and Prabha Golia, vice president
of the Perfume Center of
America & Kanak and Prabha
Golia Foundation with main
focus on children’s education,
women empowerment and
medical services. Dr. Banad N.
Viswanath, will be honored
posthumously for his dedicated
services to the community as a
cardiologist, his distant vision via
“Vision of Asia” and his ongoing
dedication for generations via
Several programs to assist
NRIs will be launched at the gala
including adoption and dona-
tions for Smart Village, health,
medical and cultural fairs, pre-
serving Vedic cultural heritage
and education , youth develop-
ment, disabled and underprivi-
leged child support programs, as
well as initiatives for senior citi-
zens and women.
Other highlights include a
musical extravaganza by play-
back singer “Disco King” Bappi
Lahiri, a fashion show and din-
Nonprofit NRI Federation to be Launched
By a StaffWriter
epsiCo CEO Indra
Nooyi and tennis cham-
pion and philanthropist
Vijay Amritraj will headline
Chetna’s 10th annual
fundraising gala to be held
April 25 at the
InterContinental Hotel in
Addison, Texas. For
the past decade,
Chetna has been
empowering South
Asian victims of
domestic violence
by bringing them to
safety, helping them
rebuild their lives,
and putting an end
to their cycle of vio-
lence. Ann Mukherjee,
PepsiCo’s president of Global
Snacks, will emcee the gala.
“South Asians have a ten-
dency to turn a blind eye to
controversial issues that
affect our community as a
whole,” Chetna co-founder
Anu Agarwal said in a press
“When such prolific and
outspoken figures stand
behind our cause and show
their support, it sheds a
whole new light on domestic
violence. It somehowmakes
it acceptable to address the
epidemic and celebrate the
strides we have made in the
last decade to provide servic-
es to the hundreds of Dallas-
FortWorth women and chil-
dren who have been suffer-
ing,” she said.
Last year,
Chetna, which
means “conscious-
ness” in Sanskrit,
provided life-saving
resources to more
than 200 women
and children trying
to escape their abu-
sive relationships.
The non-profit organiza-
tion’s services to the commu-
nity include a confidential
helpline, peer support, emer-
gency shelter and transitional
housing, legal and counseling
referrals, community out-
reach, financial assistance
such as interest-free loans
and rental assistance, advo-
cacy and employment assis-
IndraNooyi, VijayAmritraj
toHeadline Chetna’s
10thAnnual Gala
– that’s all you need to know
Karishma Sriram
Ritish Patnaik
Anjali Patel
Kaustav Gopinathan
Dhruv Dixit
Vijay Amritraj
News India Times
April 17, 2015
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