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News India Times April 17, 2015
By Ela Dutt
he only Hindu lawmak-
er on Capitol Hill tied
the knot April 9 in a
Vedic ceremony in pic-
turesque Hawaii sur-
rounded by beaches and palm
Democratic Rep. Tulsi
Gabbard, 33, married her former
campaign photographer
AbrahamWilliams, 26, in a cus-
tom-built yellow and orange
pandal, under which a priest
conducted the ceremony in full
Vedic tradition.
Gabbard wore a long mid-
night blue dress with intricate
embroidery on the sleeve and
near the hem.
The groomwas in a cream
colored suit, her Twitter site
reveals. The IraqWar veteran had
her hair in a simple bun adorned
with a fresh flowers.
About 200 guests witnessed
the ceremony which was held on
Oahu, at the historic fishpond of
In an interview with People
magazine April 4, Gabbard said
she andWilliams realized they
had a connection a year after
they met.
The two are avid surfers and
Williams proposed to her out in
the water, she said. “He’s my best
friend, my surfing buddy and my
partner in everything.We’re both
thrilled to celebrate this new
chapter – beginning our lives
She described the wedding
ceremony as one “that has been
used and practiced by the fol-
lowers of the Vedas from India
for thousands of years.” The
priest used both Sanskrit and
English at what Gabbard
described as a “Hawaiian-style
Hindu wedding.” The two
exchanged vows they had writ-
ten themselves. BothWilliams
and Gabbard are vegetarians. A
vegetarian dinner was served at
the wedding.
Gabbard has been embraced
by the Indian-American com-
munity as the only Hindu in
She paid a diplomatic and
trade visit to India last December
and was Prime Minister
Narendra Modi’s special guest
during his visit to the U.S. last
September, attending most of his
high profile events.
Hindu CongresswomanMarries Her Cinematographer, Surfing Buddy
– that’s all you need to know
Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, 33, married
her former campaign photographer
Abraham Williams, 26, in full Vedic
tradition in Windward Oahu, April 9.
Courtesy of Tulsi Gabbard/ photographed by Hugh Gentryand Marco Garcia
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