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August 26, 2016
By a StaffWriter
mid a nationwide Sikh
media campaign to
spread awareness
about the community,
a California physician
and his wife have come forward
with a donation of $100,000 to
the University of California at
Riverside, to help raise the
community’s profile through
research and studies in Sikh
and Punjabi culture.
Dr. Harkeerat S. Dhillon and
his wife Deepta, an architect,
announced the gift Aug. 8. Both
of them are longtime support-
ers of U.C. Riverside, the uni-
versity said in a press note. The
endowed research award will
support doctoral students
engaged in Sikh and Punjabi
Studies in the arts and humani-
ties and fieldwork on Sikh com-
munities in the United States.
“Dr. and Mrs. Dhillon have
been loyal supporters of the
university for many years and it
has been a pleasure to get to
know them and experience
firsthand their generosity of
spirit and friendship since I
arrived on campus a year ago,”
said Milagros Pena, dean of the
College of Humanities, Arts,
and Social Sciences.
“This gift is a testament to
their commitment to higher
education, their passion for the
arts and humanities, and their
desire to expand the knowledge
base about Sikh and Punjabi
culture,” Pena said.
The Harkeerat and Deepta
Dhillon Endowed Research
Award will provide much-need-
ed support for dissertation,
research and writing on arts
and humanities topics that
relate to Sikh and Punjabi cul-
ture, said Pashaura Singh, pro-
fessor and Jasbir Singh Saini
Endowed Chair of Sikh and
Punjabi Studies, and chair of
the Department of Religious
“We are grateful to Dr.
Dhillon and his wife, Deepta,
for their generous gift. This
award will help UCR attract
new graduate students interest-
ed in Sikh and Punjabi music,
history of Sikh settlers in
California, film and media
studies, and ethnographic field-
work on various Sikh commu-
nities in the United States,” he
“Dr. Dhillon has contributed
energetically in many ways to
build the new program in Sikh
Studies at UC Riverside. His
selfless and untiring support
has put the field of Sikh Studies
on the academic map of North
American universities.”
Dhillon, a prominent
Riverside orthopedic and hand
surgeon, and Deepta Dhillon,
who worked as an architect in
India and London, said the
graduate student research
award will raise the profile of
UCR nationally in the field of
Sikh and Punjabi studies.
“UCR is justly proud of and
known nationally for its diverse
student population,” said Dr.
Dhillon who has been a mem-
ber of the UCR Foundation
Board of Trustees for 14 years
and helped raise the funds to
launch the endowed chair in
Sikh Studies in 2008.
“We believe that establishing
this award will enhance the
belief that this is an education-
al institution that recognizes
diversity and teaches diversity.
The fact that an institution with
the reputation of UCR’s is sup-
porting this kind of research
will give the Sikh community in
the U.S. confidence that main-
stream America wants to know
about us.”
– that’s all you need to know
California Couple Endows Award For Sikh, Punjabi Cultural Research
By a StaffWriter
ormer Home Minister of
India Sushil Kumar
Shinde formally launched
the Maharashtra chapter of the
Indian National Overseas
Congress, USA, Aug. 16 at a
gathering at a restaurant in
Manhattan, the latest in expan-
sion efforts of the organization
which has set up a dozen such
chapters in the U.S.
At the event attended by a
number of INOC officials and
its supporters, Devendra Vora
was named as its new presi-
dent. Vorah, who hails from
Maharashtra, has been an
active supporter of the
Congress Party for a long time.
Shinde in a brief address,
urged party supporters to con-
tinue to work hard to earn peo-
ple’s trust in the party again.
“Congress was in similar
predicaments before but always
came back when people real-
ized that Congress party is their
best option to keep political
tranquility at home while
achieving sustained growth,” he
said. He recollected efforts as
Home Minister in dealing with
various domestic upheavals
and expressed doubts that the
current government is pursuing
proper strategies that could
bring peace and harmony at
home. He also agreed with cur-
rent assessment within the
party that it had not done a
great job communicating its
achievements to people.
After welcoming him and
Sangat Singh Gilzian, an MLA
from Punjab, INOC Secretary-
General Harbachan Singh
thanked both the dignitaries
and the guests for their pres-
ence. He dwelt at length on
some of the “landmark achieve-
ments” of the Congress party
and how it had transformed
India as one of the leading
countries of the world.
George Abraham, INOC
chairman, felicitated Shinde
and lauded his brilliant career
in politics from humble begin-
nings to becoming the chief
minister of Maharashtra, Gov.
of Andhra Pradesh and the
Home Minister of India. He
congratulated Vora and wished
him and Malini Shah, chapter
chairperson well for launching
the chapter.
Ex-Union Minister Shinde Launches Maharashtra Chapter of INOC, USA
Dr. Harkeerat and Deepta Dhillon.
Former Home Minister of India Sushil Kumar Shinde lighting the ceremonial lamp to launch the Maharashtra chapter
of the Indian National Overseas Congress, USA, in the presence of senior INOC officials in New York Aug. 16.
A story in News India Times
dated June 17, titled “High
Honor For Memorial Sloan
Cancer Surgeon Jatin Shah,”
erroneously mentioned that
Dr. Shah “retired earlier this
month.” In fact, Dr. Shah
has not retired and is fully
in practice of head and neck
surgery at the Memorial
Sloan Kettering Cancer
Center in New York. The
error is deeply regretted.
News India Times
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