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August 26, 2016
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– that’s all you need to know
By Piya Sinha-Roy
t is not easy fusing a
cocktail of genres includ-
ing music, comedy and
time travel into a movie,
but the leading stars of
new Bollywood film “Baar Baar
Dekho” hope to convey a multi-
faceted love story.
“Baar Baar Dekho,” which
translates as “Look Again and
Again,” centers on Jai (Sidharth
Malhotra) and Diya (Katrina
Kaif), two childhood sweet-
hearts now grown up and get-
ting ready for their wedding. Jai
gets cold feet as he wonders
how to balance his personal
and professional life.
Through time travel, Jai is
able to see what his future may
look like in a few days, years
and decades, and comes to a
realization about his present.
“Imagine that you get a
chance to see the future of your
love story and whether you
want to fix things, change
things and learn some things
from that or what you’re doing
at present,” Malhotra told
“It might look confusing in
the trailer. But once you go
through the journey, by climax
it has a very nice message.”
“Baar Baar Dekho,” out in
theaters Sept. 9, marks the fea-
ture film debut from director
Nitya Mehra and the first time
that Kaif and Malhotra have
worked together.
Kaif, 33, known for
Bollywood films such as 2009’s
“New York” and 2011’s “Zindagi
Na Milegi Dobara,” said she
and Malhotra, 31, forged a con-
nection during casting exercis-
es where they were made to sit
opposite each other and look
into each other’s eyes.
“These things are funny but
they work. These ideas exist for
a reason because they help you
break the barriers which are
there,” Kaif said.
After filming, Malhotra,
known for films such as 2014’s
“Ek Villain,” was romantically
linked to Kaif. However, the
actors said dating rumors are
always to be expected when
they are single.
“If you’re not in a relation-
ship, which most people are
aware of, or know about, then
these kind of stories come. But
they come and they also go the
next day, they don’t really live a
long life,” Kaif said.
“They just can’t believe we’re
really, extremely good actors.
There has to be something,”
Malhotra added.
– Reuters
A Bollywood Twist On Time And Love
hat is the one thing
that ties Priyanka
Chopra, Nimrat Kaur,
Aziz Ansari and Mindy Kaling
together? Apart from their Indian
connection, the stars are creating
ripples in the small screen world
of theWest. IANS lists out names
of Indian faces who have made
their mark in international show-
biz, and continue to be on a roll:
* Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
from“The Simpsons”: Though a
fictional character, Apu
Nahasapeemapetilon is one of
the most beloved characters on
the hit TV show “The Simpsons”.
Apu is the Indian immigrant pro-
prietor of Kwik-E-Mart, a popu-
lar convenience store in
Springfield, popularly known for
his catchphrase “Thank you,
come again”. For voicing this
beloved character, actor Hank
Azaria has won three Primetime
Emmy Awards.
* Hannah Simone: She is bet-
ter known as CeCe Parekh of
“New Girl”. Born to an Indian
father and a German mother,
Simone plays a model on the
show who along with actress
Zooey Deschanel is one of the
main casts in the series which
talks about life, love and friend-
In an interaction with a maga-
zine, Simone asserted that it is a
great time for South Asians in the
West, adding that “there are a lot
of positive things that have come
from being ethnically ambigu-
ous”. Since the show has got a
go-ahead for fifth season, she
will be back in the gang of “New
Girl”, which is aired in India on
StarWorld and StarWorld HD.
* Nimrat Kaur: Noticed for her
work in Indian film“The
Lunchbox”, Nimrat landed a role
as a Pakistani ISI agent in
American show “Homeland”, and
then bagged a role in TV series
“Wayward Pines”. The actress
had earlier told IANS that “TV
work in theWest has a lot more
scope to get into an interesting
phase here”. She believes the rea-
son why Indian talent is heading
to theWest like never before is as
the “world is becoming a very
smaller place”.
* Priyanka Chopra: After creat-
ing waves globally with her
singing talent, former MissWorld
and B-Town’s ‘desi girl’ Priyanka
crossed borders for American TV
drama “Quantico” as Alex
Parrish. She will be back on the
small screen with second season
of “Quantico” soon, and has a
couple of international projects
like “Baywatch” and “Project
Runway” in the pipeline.
The National Award winner
who became the first South
Asian actress to win a People’s
Choice Award too, she told IANS
that it is “fun” for her to have
another part of the world discov-
er her “without saying anything”.
* Kunal Nayyar: He is the
Indian nerd who takes a jibe at
his own culture and the stereo-
types attached to it -- Rajesh
Koothrapali from“The Big Bang
Theory” gang. He packed his
bags and left his home in New
Delhi when he was 18 to pursue
his Hollywood dreams.
“The Big Bang Theory”, which
is currently on air on Zee Café,
will be back with season ten. The
actor had earlier told IANS that
he believes the scope for niche
Indian actors has widened a lot
in international market, and so,
they are taking acting a lot more
* Aziz Ansari: A famous come-
dian, the Indian-American actor
is also one of the main charac-
ters in the hit show “Parks and
Recreation”. He plays Tom
Haverford -- a sarcastic, under-
achieving government official --
in the show, currently available
on Netflix. He feels the wave of
Indian talent in theWest will
surge in the coming times as
“American TV is going to become
more diverse”.
But Ansari feels that is not
being reflected in Hollywood
films as he feels diversity in films
is not getting better.
* Mindy Kaling: Along with
being a writer, Mindy Kaling,
whose real name is Vera Mindy
Chokalingam, is a celebrated
actress who has played award-
nominated roles on popular
American shows “The Office”
and “The Mindy Project”.
* Indira Varma: She plays the
pivotal character of Ellaria Sand
in “Game Of Thrones”. Amid all
the blood and gore, she has
made a place for herself with this
powerful character, who is out to
seek revenge for her husband’s
* Poorna Jaganathan: Indian
actress Poorna Jagannathan has
starred in popular American TV
shows like “House of Cards”,
“The Game” and “The Night Of”.
Poorna, who has a background
in theatre, will be seen on the big
screen with TomHanks, Emma
Watson and John Boyega in “The
Circle”, the upcoming American
science-fiction drama film
directed and written by James
The ‘Desi’ Connection Of The Western TV World
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