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News India Times August 26, 2016
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ARIES: You will be successful in regaining
your professional touch. Family
front seems to go smoothly as
you receive their full support to
your plans. An improvement in financial
positionwould enable tomake important
purchases. Romantic imagination occupies
mind forcing to go out of the way to please
partner. Charity work undertakenwill bring
mental peace & comfort. Enjoy your
holiday with love of your life.
TAURUS: Self-confidence helps inmaking
an impact at professional front
this week.You find relief, comfort
and affection in the company of
familymembers.You are likely to earn
monetary profits throughmost unexpected
sources. Cupids arrows wouldmake your
heart flutter high. Meditation and self-
realization prove beneficial.Your personal
loan plans for property could be in
progress. Appreciating others will invest in
your relations.
GEMINI: Valuable support froma colleague
would help in professional
matters. Time spent with
relatives will be to your
advantage. A sudden inflow of funds will
take care of your bills and immediate
expenses.You are likely to enjoy a pleasure
trip that will rejuvenate your passions.Your
dream for new housemight be full filed
now. Helpful nature would encourage
giving a helping hand to the distress people.
CANCER: Goodweek for computer
professionals as they realise their
dreams. Familymembers will be
very positive& supportive to your
plans. Monetary position is likely to improve
on recovering of delayed payments.
Romantic entanglement would add spice to
your happiness. Sound physical healthwill
enable to participate in outdoor activities.
Getting your dreamhomewill be the
greatest pleasure for you.You are likely to be
socially active this week.
LEO: An excellent time for developing
professional contacts. Relatives
will be willing to lend a helping
hand at the time of need.
Investment in antiques & jewelry brings
monetary gains and improvement in
financial position. Chances of your love life
turning into life-long bond are high on the
card.You will be successful in getting rid
from tensions.Your boss may ask you for
your company to a friend’s party.
VIRGO: Senior colleagues cooperation
brings success at professional
front. New relationship at family
front will be long lasting & highly
beneficial. Long pending arrears and dues
will finally be recovered. Exciting week as
your long pending wait for affirmation is
going tomaterialize. A sparkling laughter
filled week whenmost things proceed, as
you desire. Travel planwith a colleague
might lead to a new relationship. Lifestyle
home is what you are looking for?
LIBRA: Business partners would be
enthusiastic about new plans &
ventures. Guests visit would
make it a pleasant &wonderful
week. this week investment concerning
residence will be profitable. Enjoying the
company of partner in a lively restaurant
would bring immense romantic pleasure.
Your enormous confidence would help in
enjoying a healthy life. Small picnic
organized by your company is good to
change your mood.
SCORPIO: Female colleagues would help in
completing pending work.You
will be in themood to celebrate
with family and friends this
week. Financial hassles seem to get over as
someone lends a timely helping hand. The
presence of love wouldmake you feel life
meaningful. A very healthy week filled with
happiness & vitality. Official journeys prove
to bemore fruitful for you. Investing
residentially is one thing you can rely on.
SAGITTARIUS: A promising week for
ambitious professionals to
demonstrate technical skills &
abilities. Good advice from
familymembers brings gains. Promising
week to invest surplus money in real estate.
Love life brings somememorablemoments
that you could cherish rest of your life.
Pleasure trip would help inmaintaining
sound health this week. Fly away with your
dreams, new business horizons are ready to
CAPRICORN: Politicians find a very smooth
sailing as results go in your
favour, thus immensely boosting
confidence. The company of
family friends will keep you in a happy &
relaxedmood. A sound financial health
would enable to invest on lucrative
schemes.Your flashing smile would work as
the best antidote for romantic partners
unhappiness.Yoga andmeditationwould
help in keeping in shape andmentally agile.
AQUARIUS: People engaged in tourismwill
have the energy to keep pace
with fast taking events thus
giving themselves an edge over
others. Parental guidance in your decision
would immensely help.Your brilliant ideas
would help in bringing financial gains.
Sharing candyfloss and toffees with
lover/beloved would bring unlimited joy.
Blessings of a saintly person give peace of
PISCES: Betterment awaits people engaged
in the field of graphic designing.
Aweek when
misunderstandings at family
front are sorted out with ease. A promising
week to earn profits in real estate and
financial transactions. Company of love
partner would inspire to take initiatives this
week. Chances of recovering fromphysical
ailment are high. Breathtaking beautiful site
scenes are your lover’s desire.Youmight be
purchasing a refrigerator or any other
gadget for your house.
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