® NEWS INDIA TIMES Published Weekly By Parikh orldwide Media LLC, New York. Vol. L. No. 28 60 Cents, July 12, 2019 New York declares August 2019 'Indian-American Heritage Month' Find us on: Four staffing company executives charged with H-1B visa fraud PAGE 12 PAGE 15 PAGE 22 VISION OF ASIA AVAILABLE ON: SPECTRUM (TIME WARNER) , ALTICE (OPTIMUM) AND RCN Watch on ITV GOLD Voice of the community SUBSCRIBE TODAY Monday to Thursday 8:00 PM & 11:00 PM ET Sunday 11 AM ET PAGE 9 PAGE 9 HIGHLIGHTS PAGE 27 Business Of World Cup obrqbopJ^Çå~å=^ÄáÇá Caste In "Article 15" NewDelhi gives foreign investors bigger role in giant insurance and aviation industries, raises gold duties, taxes super rich Apple's Senior VP Suspect Arrested In Connection With Quadruple Murder In Ohio PAGE 9 Budgeting India Princeton's New Trustees PAGE 5