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® NEWS INDIA TIMES Published Weekly By Parikh orldwide Media LLC, New York. Vol. L . No. 3 60 Cents, January 17, 2020 Find us on: VISION OF ASIA AVAILABLE ON: SPECTRUM (TIME WARNER) , ALTICE (OPTIMUM) AND RCN Watch on ITV GOLD Voice of the community SUBSCRIBE TODAY Monday to Thursday 8:00 PM & 11:00 PM ET Sunday 11 AM ET KatePatterson-ForTheWashingtonPost Racism Grows PAGE 4 India Grants Diplomats Access To Kashmir PAGE 21 Nikki Haley's Path PAGE 8 Ace Speedster 2 PAGE 27 Venture capitalist Vinod Khosla sued by California in latest twist on beachfront property Candidate for Illinois State House Kevin Olickal, raises more campaign funds than competitors PAGE 15 PAGE 9 HIGHLIGHTS PAGE 12 'Influencers' Look Forward To 2020s Affordable Healthcare Administrator of the Centers for Medicare andMedicaid Seema Verma, discusses the design and delivery of two of the nation's biggest medical programs PAGE 6