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® NEWS INDIA TIMES Published Weekly By Parikh orldwide Media LLC, New York. Vol. L . No. 7 60 Cents, February 14, 2020 The secret ingredient is always LOVE! Shop Now Find us on: VISION OF ASIA AVAILABLE ON: SPECTRUM (TIME WARNER) , ALTICE (OPTIMUM) AND RCN Watch on ITV GOLD Voice of the community SUBSCRIBE TODAY Monday to Thursday 8:00 PM & 11:00 PM ET Sunday 11 AM ET PhotobyJohnO’Boyle-IBM/ Joshi's New Job AAPI's 2020 Convention To Be Held In Chicago PAGE 8 Fatal Vacation Relying on Yoda 2 PAGE 9 President Trump's New Travel Ban Hits Africa Hard Jewish Family Kicked Off Flight Over'Body Odor' Sues PAGE 12 PAGE 6 HIGHLIGHTS PAGE 26 Ram's Faith Pays Off CEO Power The astonishing number of Indian-American CEOs increases, with the inclusion of industry stalwarts Arvind Krishna and SandeepMathrani PAGE 10 PAGE 24 PAGE 4