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® NEWS INDIA TIMES Published Weekly By Parikh Worldwide Media LLC, New York. Vol. LI. No.27 60 Cents, July 3, 2020 pice of Bombay The S & unjab runch of P The C steaT made a er 30 v Ov A. in the US rieties of snacks, Find us on: VISION OF ASIA AVAILABLE ON: SPECTRUM (TIME WARNER) , ALTICE (OPTIMUM) AND RCN Watch on ITV GOLD Voice of the community SUBSCRIBE TODAY Monday to Thursday 8:00 PM & 11:00 PM ET Sunday 11 AM ET 2 PAGE 12 aêK=sÉåâ~í~ê~ã~å~=sáà~ó PAGE 14 Generous Rajbhog U.S. business, immigration advocates critical of new H-1B and H4 visa curbs Dr. Sethuraman Panchanathan to lead National Science Foundation PAGE 8 PAGE 12 PAGE 16 Flying Surgeon Unique Double CovidWarrior Dr. Venkataramana Vijay splits his time doing surgeries in New York, and flying in PPEs fromAsia to the US Judicial Nominee Tragic Drowning Death Of 3 Family Members In Backyard Pool PAGE 10 HIGHLIGHTS PAGE 18 FIA Celebrates 6TH International Yoga Day Poised To Win PAGE 5