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News India Times June 11, 2021 26 Matrimonial MALE FEMALE ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ MALE MISCELLANEOUS MALE FEMALE FEMALE MALE MALE Gujarati Jain parents seeking suitable match for 35yr old/5ft, citizen daugh- ter, vegetarian, in healthcare industry. Professional settled in US, good family background required. Email bio with recent photo: Companion : 04/09-04/30-SH Parents seeking educated man, 40-50, for divorced, U.S. born, educated, family-oriented daughter, 48/5’7”, with two girls 14/11. (610) 780-2855 or email: 04/09-05/07 - JG Reputed Hindu Educated Business Family seeking educated, well placed professionals for their beautiful NY based daughter 27, 5’ 9” US citizen, Masters. Email bio/photos to: 04/30-SH Parents seeking an educated man, 40-50, for divorced, U.S. born, educated, family- oriented daughter, 48/5’7”, with two girls 14/11. (610) 780-2855 email: 05/14-06/11 - JG Patel parents invite correspondence for their USA born daughter, slim, beautiful, 38 years, 5’-3 1/2”, doctor. Please email bio data & recent photograph: 05/21 -06/11 - SL Hindu - Goel parents, NJ based invite correspondence for US Citizen daughter, slim, beautiful, 21 yrs, 5’4”, vegetarian, IT graduate. Looking for a US Citizen Aggarwal boy (21-25 yr), professional or business family Email bio-data with recent photo: 06/04 - 06/25-SL Seeking well placed professional, settled in Atlanta for a 39 yr / 5’3”. Well settled Attorney in Atlanta. Please email bio-data with recent photographs to: 06/11-07/09-SH Professional Gujarati parents invite corre- spondence for US born daughter 33/ 5’4”, intelligent,beautiful,outgoing,working in Tech. E-mail Biodata with recent photos to: 02/05-02/12-sd US Citizen, 51yrs, Sindhi businessman, Law Graduate, divorced, no kids, non smoker, non drinker, currently in India seeking educated cultured Hindu girl. Email: One week - SL Patel Family invites proposal for their non- Smoker and non-drinker 48 Yrs/5’9”/170 lbs USA Citizen Son, raised in USA from family oriented girl. Contact: 04/02-04/23-sd SOUTH INDIAN BUSINESSMAN 44, Well Educated HEIGHT 5’11, WEIGHT 170, in Shape, Very Light Skin Seeking for FE- MALE IN NEW YORK, OR NEW JERSEY, for long term RELATIONSHIP, MARRIAGE MINDED FEMALE. PLEASE E-MAIL 04/09-04/30-sd Charotar Patel Gujarati Parents seeking suitable match for his USA citizen son 33/ 5’7”/ 148 LBS (living in USA from last 25 years) IT Professional from family oriented well educated girl. Please email bio-data with Photo: 04/16-05/07-sd Seeking match for Hindu Punjabi hand- some groom, 37/5’6”, MS & MBA finance, nicely employed. Email with bio-data & picture: 04/16 05/07- SH Gujarati parents invite alliance from attractive, cultured, educated Hindu girl - US Citizen / Green Card for their son 36 years 5’7”, US Citizen, Physician in California. Send recent photo with Bio-data : 05/07 -05/28 - SL Patel 41 Yrs US Citizen, Divorcee, Vegetarian, Non Smoker, Non Drinker MS Electrical Engineer working for Reputable Company, Looking for Patel,Vanik or Brahmin Female. Send your Biodata with recent Picture : call: 815-491-2849 05/07-05/28-MS 37 yrs male, 5’4”, US Citizen, UK born, MBA, Analyst, CA based looking for slim, cultured, professional Hindu girl. Email Bio-data / photo: 05/14 - 06/11-SL Gujarati parents invite alliance for their US Citizen Doctor son, NJ based, 34 yrs, 6 ft, innocently divorced, no kids looking for Gujarati vegetarian, cultured girl from Medical field. Send photo / bio-data: 06-04 - IQ Punjabi Parents invite alliance for US Born Citizen Son, 30 yrs, 5.’7” M.D. NJ based looking for professional, fair, slim Hindu girl. Email Bio -Data / Photo: 05/28 -06/18 - SL Seeking match for Hindu Punjabi hand- some groom, 37/5’6”, MS & MBA finance, nicely employed. Email with bio-data & picture: 06/11-07/02- SH Gajjar/ Suthar, parents invite Correspondence for son 28 yrs old , M.S in computer science H1 B & studying PhD looking a educated Gujarati Hindu veg, Girl having Green card/ citizen email Biodata with recent photo to. cgajjar . Contact +1 510-458-1996 +1 929-378-6880, + 91 8980938942 05/21-06/11-sd Brooklyn, New York base 36 yrs/ 5’8” Businessman looking for a family oriented girl (age upto 30 Years). caste and status no bar. Contact: 929-386-7636 05/28-sd Gujarati 6 Gaam Patel parents invite correspondence for son, 5’7”/30, BBA, MSBA (Continuing), in USA on Student Visa. Seeking Gujarati, Citizen/PR veg girl from good family. Email bio/recent photo: 10/16- 10/30- SH Gujarati Brahmin parents invite correspon- dence for son, 30 yrs, Pharmacist. Looking for Gujarati, vegetarian girl from a good family. Email bio with recent photo to: 04/23- 05/21- SH MALE EMALE Subscription / Renewal / Change of Address ■ Print & Online * ■ 6 Months - $16 ■ 1 Year - $28 ■ 2 Years - $50 ■ 5 Years - $100 ■ 10 Years - $150 NAME ____________________________________________________ STREET __________________________________________________ CITY ____________________________ STATE __________________ ZIP ______________________________________________________ TELEPHONE ______________________________________________ E-MAIL____________________________________________________ PROFESSION ______________________________________________ * In USA only. For other countries write to the address below. All Subscriptions are non-refundable ❑ Payment enclosed: $ ______________________________________ ❑ Charge my: ❑ VISA ❑ MC ❑ AMEX ❑ DISCOVER Card # __________________________________________________ Exp. date _______________________________________________ Signature ________________________________________________ ■ Change of address & renewal Please attach the mailing label from the front page for subscription renewal or change of address. MALE MISCELLANEOUS Mail to: NEWS INDIA TIMES 35 Journal Square, Suite 204, Jersey City, NJ 07306 Tel: (212) 675-7515 • Fax: (212) 675-7624 Email: To advertise Call: 212-675-7515 HOTEL/MOTEL: HELP WANTED NEW JERSEY Independent Motel In New Jersey. Need couple for housekeeping. Good salary and Accommodation Provided. Contact: K.K PATEL 913-645-7747 06/04-06/11-sd VIRGINIA BEACH, VA 70 rooms franchise hotel in Virginia Beach (Ocean front), VA need couple or Single for housekeeping and Front desk. legal status must. Accommodation will be provided. For front desk position Please send resume to . Contact: 757-297-7408 06/04-06/25-sd NEED HOTEL FRONTDESK Must be legal to work, Fluent in English, Computer Literate ALSO NEED HOUSEKEEPER Call 774-254-5355 06/04-06/25-sd