News India Times – that’s all you need to know India News India Times February 17, 2023 10 U.S. Physician, Dr. Sampat Shivangi Addresses Pbd On Health Care D r. Sampat Shivangi of Mississippi, spoke on the subject of the “Role Of Diaspora In Promoting Health- care Eco-System During Amrit- kal” at the recently held Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in Indore, Jan. 9, 2023. “We want to make India’s Health Care aWorld Class Endeavor, by utilizing: A. Information Technology; B. Field of Medicine; C. Finance, Banking; and, D. Politics,” Shivangi is quoted saying in a press release. The Government of India must col- laborate and harness the resources available in large organizations such as the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI). This is considered the largest eth- nic medical organization in the United States, representing the interests of an estimated 100,000 physicians of Indian origin, who serve every 7th patient. He pointed to initiatives and contribu- tions of AAPI in several states of India and in urban and rural areas. He also dwelt on AAPI’s contributions during the Covid pandemic. He recounted how AAPI helped raise more than $5 million dollars which were used to procure and provide 2,300 Oxy- gen Concentrators, over 100 Ventilators, 200 High Flow Oxygen, setting up dozens of Oxygen plants, and providing several Chemiluminescence Immuno-Analyzers (CLIA), each costing Rs. 50 Lakh. In ad- dition, AAPI has adopted several villages and closely coordinated the overall devel- opment by providing primary care and preventive medicine to dozens of rural villages across India. A conservative lifelong member of the Republican Party, Dr. Shivangi is the founding member of the Republi- can Indian Council and the Republican Indian National Council. Dr. Shivangi is the National President of Indian Ameri- can Forum for Political Education, one of the oldest Indian American Associations. Over the past three decades, he has lob- bied for several Bills in the US Congress on behalf of India through his enormous contacts with US Senators and Congress- men, the press release said. Describing himself as “a close friend to the Bush family,” Shivangi said he was instrumental in lobbying for the first Di- wali celebration in theWhite House and for President GeorgeW. Bush to make his trip to India. He had accompanied President Bill Clinton during his historic visit to India. Dr. Shivangi is a champion of women’s health and mental health whose work has been recognized nationwide, the press release said. By a StaffWriter Photos:courtesyDr.Shivangi Dr. Sampat Shivangi poses for a photo with Dr. S. Jaishankar, India’s Minister of External Affairs, at the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Jan. 9, 2023. Dr. Sampat Shivangi poses for a photo with Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan, at the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Jan. 9, 2023. Secretary Clinton Visits Gujarat Projects Supported By Clinton Global Initiative T he Navsari, Gujarat-based Desai Foundation Trust (DFT), an NGO with the mission of empower- ing women and children through community programming to elevate health, livelihood, and menstrual equity in rural India welcomed former United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on 7 Feb 2023. Secretary Clinton has made multiple visits to India and is well-known for her longtime dedication to uplifting the lives of women and girls and supporting inclu- sive economic development in India, DFT said in a press release. The Secretary’s visit to India included a visit to Ela Bhatt’s SEWA 50th Anniversary celebration, a meeting of fellow Clinton Global Initiative Commitment Makers, and a visit to Desai Foundation’s partner, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)– Gandhinagar to speak to the students, and a visit to the Dandi salt pans. Clinton’s visit was intended to support Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commit- ments to Action that seek to provide em- ployment opportunities and critical health care services to girls and women, while also providing critical support for climate resilience in the region. These Commit- ments were made by members of the CGI community at the CGI 2022 Meeting, which resulted in 144 new Commitments to Action addressing climate resilience, global health equity, inclusive economic growth, the global refugee crisis, and other critical global challenges, the press release said. Secretary Clinton’s tour began in Palaj village in the Gandhinagar District of Gujarat. She first met the Desai Founda- tion’s Heroes for Humanity Heroes. Forty Heroes from 8 States shared stories of how the initiative impacted their lives and how they impacted the lives of millions. “I am so proud that I have had the chance to meet all of you and hear some of your stories. It is so impressive that the Desai foundation understood the impor- tance of finding local people like all of you to do this important work,” Clinton is quoted saying to the Heroes, in the press release. “I am so impressed by the model of this program, and so delighted to hear about all the things you are doing as He- roes for Humanity. And hope that you are not only learning so much, and growing personally, but understanding what an impact you are all having on your families and your communities. So thank you very much.” The Secretary also visited the Desai Foundation’s flagship Asani Sanitary Napkin Program by observing one of the rural Menstrual Health & Hygiene aware- ness sessions and engaging with the Asani Rural Saleswomen. By a StaffWriter Photo:courtesyDesai Foundation Secretary Clinton addresses the 40 Heroes in Desai Foundation’s Heroes for Humanity Initiative who traveled from 8 States to attend the event in Gandhinagar.