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P REM K UMAR S HARMA E-mail: Tel & Fax: +91-0172-562832 , 572874 ARIES: Valuable support froma colleague would help in professional matters. Long-term investment in stocks &mutual funds will enable to earn profits. Your enormous confidence would help in enjoying a healthy life. Small journey with your office colleagues will be interesting. Mortgaging your plot is not right for you, crisis may arise. A very successful week when you are likely to get rid fromyour legal battle. TAURUS: Excess workload could trouble at workplace in this week. You move with new excitement & confidence as you receive support from family and friends. A new financial deal gets finalized paving the way for fresh money. Sound physical health will enable to participate in outdoor activities. Enjoy your holiday with love of your life. Your income can be doubled by renting your house or a part of your house. GEMINI: You need to make full use of your aspirations, supportive nature and open mindedness at work. Family front seems to go smoothly as you receive their full support to your plans. Your wit & charmwould help in catching the attention of opposite sex. It would be beneficial if you plan to buy a small property. A friend’s influential contact brings into contact with an eminent lawyer-which would immensely help you. CANCER: You will be successful in regaining your professional touch. You find relief, comfort and affection in the company of family members. Real estate investment would be lucrative. Love partner would be extremely supportive and in a loving mood. A sparkling laughter filledweek when most things proceed, as you desire. Your patience coupled with continuous efforts & understanding will bring success. LEO: A test of your ability to handle pressurised situations as you are entrusted with a special assignment. Be generous in your approach and enjoy lovely moments with family members. You are likely to earn monetary profits through most unexpected sources. You attain a bloom in health on sharing happiness with others. Fly away with your dreams, new business horizons are ready to explore. VIRGO: Self-confidence helps in making an impact at professional front in this week. Do not share personal matters with casual acquaintances otherwise it will disappoint family members. Investment in stocks & mutual funds would help in earning profits. A romantic week as you receive all praises from partner. High time for you to realize your true potentials. Travel for fun and pleasure is what you demand. LIBRA: Good week for computer professionals as they realise their dreams. Time spent with relatives will be to your advantage. You enjoy a lovely time as Cupid is on your side. A very healthy week filled with happiness & vitality. Travelling regularly might be injurious for your well – being. Don’t spend too much on real estate. Visiting new places would bring a wonderful feeling/experience for you. SCORPIO: An excellent time for developing professional contacts. Family members will be verypositive & supportive to your plans. Investment needs to be made keeping long-term perspectives in mind. A special message from beloved/lover lifts spirits. Pleasure trip would help in maintaining sound health in this week. Investment on construction business would flourish your income. Developing new contacts with influential persons would help in expanding your horizons. SAGITTARIUS: Senior colleagues cooperation brings success at professional front. Speculation coupled with some unexpected gains improves financial health. Yoga and meditation would help in keeping in shape and mentally agile. Travel plan with a colleague might lead to a new relationship. Dealings for older properties can be in process.You are likely to be appreciated for your helpful nature. CAPRICORN: Business partners would be enthusiastic about new plans & ventures. Trouble seems to be brewing at home therefore think twice before uttering your views. A new source of income will generate through influential contacts. Blessings of a saintly person give peace of mind. Before you embark on your adventure trip plan and prepare each and every thing. Your possession for acquiring a plot might be achieved. AQUARIUS: Don’t forget to devote time on acquiring new technical skills to enhance career prospects. New relationship at family front will be long lasting. Investment made in this week would enhance prosperity and financial security. Proposing might benefit, as chances of succeeding in love are high. Chances of recovering from physical ailment are high. Small picnic organized by your company is good to change your mood. PISCES: You are likely to fail to achieve targets at professional front. Guests visit would make it a pleasant & wonderful week. An improvement in financial position would enable to make important purchases. Search for a true romantic friend might end in this week. Official journeys prove to be more fruitful for you. Your plan to own a house is ought to be in the right way. You will have to struggle in the bid to survive against the greedy friends. _ ` a b c d e f g h i ^ ASTROLOGY