News India Times – that’s all you need to know Entertainment News India Times (June 8 - June 14, 2024) June 14, 2024 27 Sidhant Kapoor Collaborates With Legendary Hollywood Composer John Ashton Thomas S idhant Kapoor, the late Mahendra Kapoor’s grand- son and son to actor and singer Ruhaan Kapoor, has collaborated with legendary Hollywood composer, John Ashton Thomas ,whose illustrious career spanned over 160 major Hollywood feature films, including Oscar-winning scores for Black Panther and Captain Marvel, How to Train your Dragon 3, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Twilight Saga, Fantastic Four, Superman Returns, Captain America, X-Men and others. Sidhant recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, one of the finest in the world, where artistes like The Bea- tles, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Adele and Ed Sheeran have recorded. The orchestra was conducted by legendary Hollywood conductor and Emmy award winner Gavin Greenaway, who, according to Hans Zimmer, has the “best ears in the business”. The tracks were mixed by Grammy-winning sound engineer Ren Swan. Sidhant stated in his Instagram video: “Living the dream at Abbey Road Studios! Here’s a teaser of the magic unfolding as my collaborative compositions with Maestro John Ashton Thomas fill these legendary halls!” The track is called Gateway to India, which is also the album’s name. Composed by John Ashton Thomas and Sidhant Kapoor, the music is published by Audio Net- work. By RajivVijayakar By RajivVijayakar Sidhant Kapoor recording at the Abbey Road Studios. Photo: Instagram / SidhantKapoor JioCinema To Launch Murder Mystery Series, Gaanth, On June 11 J ioCinema Premium is set to add another gripping original series, Gaanth, to its diverse repertoire of original content. Premier- ing on June 11, it stars Manav Vij, Monika Panwar and Saloni Batra in key roles. The series is premised on an unsolvable and bone-chilling case that blurs the lines between reality and perspective. Gaanth Chapter 1: Jamnaa Paar takes viewers to the eerie streets of East Delhi, where a strange case of mass suicide captures both media and police attention. As the 40-year- old disgraced inspector Gadar Singh (played by Manav Vij) gets charge of the gritty case, he is determined to get to the root of the crime and find the truth. The mystery deepens with the introduction of a psychiatric intern Sakshi Murmu (Monika Panwar), who possesses a unique gift for perceiving patterns invisible to the human eye. Singh and Murmu form an unlikely partnership to unravel the mystery of the peculiar crime scene—seven bodies hanging from seven ropes in a cramped, hazy cor- ner of a house. While the world perceives the situ- ation differently, these two sleuths, in their quest for the truth, uncover a crypt buried in the past, leading them deeper into a web of crimes spanning decades. Together they un- cover layers of the case intertwined with media sensationalism, religious beliefs, superstitions and social psy- chosis. A Tipping Point series, Gaanth is produced by Ajit Andhare, created by Soham Bhattacharya and directed by Kanishk Verma. Manav Vij says, “I have always been a fan of psychological thrill- ers. They make you think deeply, transforming you into an investigator as you unravel the mystery in your mind. When I was offered Gaanth, I realized it wasn’t just about playing a cop; the character had intricate nu- ances. Gadar Singh is profoundly lay- ered, struggling with inner demons while pursuing the ultimate truth behind the eerie crime. After filming, it took some time for me to detach from the character. Despite the chal- lenges, playing such complex roles is immensely rewarding.” Monika Panwar added, “It’s always exciting to be part of stories that are different and also give you a chance to think and experiment. Gaanth is special as I play a caring psychologist in a dark thriller. I feel my character brings much-needed positivity to the show. Life has been slightly unfair to her, and she willingly gets involved in a murder investigation while dis- covering sides of her that were long hidden.” Saloni Batra stated, “Being in a uniform automatically instills a sense of responsibility in your mind, especially for a show like this, which entirely circles around the investiga- tion of a brutal crime. After reading the script, I was extremely excited to get into the skin of the character since it was completely different from what I had done before. I had to work on the body language, the tone, her relationship with seniors and colleagues around and, most importantly, her back- story. I had a great time working on these nuances. Manav-sir’s presence enhanced and got to life every moment for me because of his sincerely beautiful en- ergy and the camaraderie we shared, which let me be my most vulnerable. He helped me a lot with his insights and experiences.” By a StaffWriter The poster of Gaanth, a series releasing on Jio Cinema on June 11. Photo:PR Pundit Mithun Chakraborty’s Son Namashi Is On A Roll S ometime ago, Namashi Chakraborty, the younger of Mithun Chakraborty’s two sons in showbiz (the elder one being Mahakshay), released his first short film, Bahar Aa Chaman Prakash, which was applauded for its succinct treatment of a social issue— gays or the LGBTQ+ community. On May 17, he released his second, equally punchy short, Tithlee, which cast an incisive look at the still-rampant issue of color-shaming. Namashi, who made his debut in 2023 with the Raj- kumar Santoshi film, Bad Boy, would rather be selective about the work he chooses. His next outside film is being produced by Mahesh Bhatt, who is making a comeback after a hiatus of over three years. It will be written and directed by the latter’s protégé, whose name cannot be revealed as yet. “It is a dramatic thriller, which is all that I can say until it is formally announced—soon.” However, he is otherwise concentrating on his own projects under his own banner, which he has named MYRND Movies. What does MYRND mean? “It’s a combination of the first letters of everyone’s name in my family!” he smiles. “M stands for Mithun, and also Mimoh or Mahakshay. Y is my mother, (former actress and one-time producer (Enemmy) Yogeeta Bali, R stands for my brother, Remo, and Namashi and my sister Dishani are the other names! All of us are creatively involved in ideating, and we will be making cinema across all languages.” A third short film is also on the way and Namashi is also planning feature films. The actor-producer admits that so far the concepts have all been his, and the idea is also to make a platform for multiple fresh talents across the board. “Aniket Dabas was Raj (kumar Santsohi)-ji’s first as- sistant on Bad Boy and I signed him to direct Bahar Aa Chaman Prakash. Tithlee is directed by magazine editor and writer, Swapnil Raje. Shrikant Vats, who was executive producer on this film, is directing my next short, Izhaar, which is a thriller with me in the central role.” Social awareness too is a big thing for Namashi, and he is also working on a web series that is a “social romantic comedy”. His feature film will be a thriller drama that will take off in February 2025. Biplab Goswami, who wrote Laapataa Ladies, directs my film.” Namashi has signed several writers as he will not be into remakes. “When I asked dad if he would do a film with me, he said, ‘Just bring me a script I cannot refuse!’” say the youngster. Since his debut film was no blockbuster, how does he look at competition? “It’s very interesting!’ he says. “OTT has changed everything and I am looking at everyone as contemporaries rather than as competition.” But he stresses that he is a performing veteran com- pared to his elder brother! “I have been doing standup theatre and skits now for 20 years as I began when I was about 10 and I am 31 now!” he smiles. One last question: while we know that his father and brother will act in his products to come if there is a suit- able role for them, does he look at bringing his mother back to acting, for she has steadfastly refused any work after she quit in the 1980s? “I am trying to get her back, but she stares at me when I tell her that she must definitely do one good role!” he says. Comedy improve India 5-minute skit, standup theatre 20 years since 10-11, I am 31. Namashi Chakraborty Photo:TrailerVideo Grab