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NEWS INDIA Published By Parikh Worldwide Media, New York. Vol. LV. No. 27 60 Cents, (July 6 - July 12, 2024) July 12, 2024 Find us on: TIMES r Photos: Demetrius Freeman/TheWashington Post ,White House Photo (2020),By Gilbert Stuart – The Athenaeum: Home Victory Parade For Champions FIA Celebrates July 4th In New England PAGE 5 PAGE 27 PAGE 14 Game creator Neal Agarwal’s ‘onemillioncheckboxes’ goes viral Modi’s Russia visit dents West’s efforts to cast Putin as pariah PAGE 8 PAGE 10 HIGHLIGHTS PAGE 3 Digging into history On July 4th: The forgotten South Asian boys in George Washington’s family Grab now from our outlet or a nearby grocery store. Leave all the hard work to us! Enjoy delectable Indian cuisine in convenient ready-to-eat packs. Hindu Groups On Capitol Hill “I Take Responsibility For The Loss”: UK’s Rishi Sunak Steps Down PAGE 12 PAGE 7 Democrats begin to consider Harris for President